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Mohegan Bluffs
Spring Street, New Shoreham (Block Island)


MoheganBluffs_sqThere are quite a few wonderful hikes on Block Island, but this one starts from the ferry landing at Old Harbor and includes a walk along the beach, a visit to the Southeast Lighthouse, and spectacular views of the 150′ bluffs. Follow the directions below to Pebbly Beach and look for shells and maybe even take a dip; the Southeast Lighthouse, a great spot to fly kites and have a picnic; and on to the Mohegan Bluffs entrance where a long staircase will take you down to one of the most beautiful vistas in all of RI. Return via Spring Street and stop at Abrams Animal Farm before catching your ferry – unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to live or be staying on Block Island!

Length: 4 miles, or about 1 mile if you turn around at Pebbly Beach
Difficulty: challenging for kids
Map: none available, but maps of the island are readily available
Dogs: are welcome, so long as they are leashed and you clean up after them
You might want to bring: extra snacks and water, sunblock, bug spray, beach gear
Note: Try to visit in late spring, before the heat (and the tourists!) really hit Block Island.

Click here for an extensive list of guidelines for hiking with kids.
Click here to learn more about Block Island.

MoheganBluffs_mapDirections: From the ferry, make a left on Water Street, where you can find bathrooms, restaurants, and other conveniences. Walk past the statue of Rebecca and continue onto Pebbly Beach. When you see road right above the beach, scramble up the rocks and take a left to continue your walk along Spring Street to the Southeast Lighthouse and then the entrance to the bluffs.

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