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Monday, October 08, 2018
Cranston REI, 22 Chapel View Blvd, Cranston

Join Dave and Ilyssa Kyu as they share their adventures and favorite tales from the making of Campfire Stories: Tales from America’s National Parks. Campfire Stories is an anthology of tales, songs, ballads, legends, short stories and myths collected from the communities in and around six of America’s favorite national parks. Dave and Ilyssa Kyu spent five months living out of their car, traveling and camping across the country to collect classic, contemporary, and diverse stories of and from our national parks. Because these stories come from the communities in and around the parks, they capture the essence of these lands and give a voice to the experiences of those that that have collectively built, shared, and enjoyed these parks across the country.

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“This is a lovely, well put-together gem of a book. It is not just another collection of ghost stories or tales of killer bears, meant to terrorize youngsters around a campfire, but a mature, reflective look at six of our national parks.” – Patrick Cone, National Parks Traveler, Fall 2018 Essential Park Guide

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