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Maxwell Mays Wildlife Refuge
2082 Victory Highway, Coventry

Maxwell Mays, a folk artist best known for his paintings of historic Rhode Island, was also an environmental conservationist and philan- thropist. He donated 295 acres of land to Audubon as part of his life estate and, in October 2011, it opened as the Maxwell Mays Wildlife Refuge. The trails are well marked and wind through an open meadow, forests, wetlands, streams, and a historic cemetery to the beautiful 11-acre Carr Pond.

Length: 1.6 miles; about 3.2 miles if you extend your hike on the Hammitt Hill trail
Difficulty: easy for children
Dogs: to protect the fragile ecology of the refuge, please leave your dogs at home

Click here for an extensive list of guidelines for hiking with kids.
Click here to visit the Maxwell Mays website.

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