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Stepstone Falls
Plain Road, Exeter

Depending on the season and recent rainfall accumulations, Stepstone Falls (aka Stepping Stone Falls) in Arcadia Management Area can be just a gentle trickle or a raging torrent. In any case, it is definitely a beautiful place to visit, and the trail along the river is quite lovely, taking you past an old quarry and over various boardwalks and bridges. You are more likely to see a good amount of water coming over the falls in the spring than in the summer or fall, but be aware that the trail can be quite muddy at this time of year. Also, keep in mind that Plain Road is often closed in the winter because it is not plowed.

Length: 3.0 miles
Difficulty: easy for children
Dogs: are welcome, so long as they are leashed and you clean up after them
Note: fluorescent orange requirements apply for all users during the hunting season (learn more)

Click here for an extensive list of guidelines for hiking with kids.
Click here to visit the Arcadia Management Area website.

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